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The dollar belongs in the world’s hands.

Billions of people across the globe can now enjoy a more secure, inclusive financial system—built on the world’s most widely recognized currency, the US dollar.

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Digital dollars are a public good.

Access the utility of the US dollar. Agora provides an instant, low cost gateway to the global economy for those who need it most, bringing the US dollar to individuals and businesses across the world.

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Meet the dollar without borders.

AUSD is the first fully collateralized, freely tradable digital dollar that is partner-focused, open, scalable, and dependable. A currency that works, wherever you are.

Assets managed by the most trusted institutions in finance.

Empowering our partners to change the world.

From Dapps and DAOs to exchanges and fintechs, AUSD helps our platform partners grow, all while creating new financial opportunities for people around the world who need it most. 

Building a financially inclusive future.

Agora is guided by principle. Building a more financially inclusive future, where accessibility to wealth preservers and creators is borderless.